Key Contributors

Patrick van der Velde

I've found the SCUTTLE platform excellent for learning because it's open and easy to change. Additionally, the documentation is complete and the discord community is super helpful. At the moment I'm trying to make ROS run on SCUTTLE and the discord has been helpful in answering all my (sometimes strange) questions.

Patrick van der Velde
Jorge Roa Profile Picture

Jorge moved to Texas from Colombia at 18 and fell in love with robotics. As of 2021 he’s a mechatronics graduate and a researcher at A&M. Starting as a student of Mobile Robotics, he later took the torch, led lab instruction and responded to 2020 lockdown with an unprecedented telepresence teaching solution.

Jorge Roa
Daniyal Ansari

As of fall 2021 Daniyal is a student in mechatronics engineering. He has a deep interest in engineering automated systems. He has built & delivered robotics systems for NASA and is currently researching autonomous navigation for robotics in urban environments.

Daniyal Ansari
Chukwubuikem Ewelike Profile Picture

“BK” is an MS researcher with his BS in mechatronics, and a passion for rolling, flying, and swimming autonomous tech. His research focuses on mobile robotics navigation, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. Outside of work, you’ll catch him at a football tailgate dreaming of the next national championship win for the Aggies.

Chukwubuikem Ewelike
Brittney Dugas Profile Picture

Joined our project team in 2017, cranking out 3D printed and billet-machined designs while enrolled in Texas A&M’s MMET program. Her work now involves custom mechanics, manufacturing, and robotics on the west coast. Her curiosity and adventurous spirit helped transform SCUTTLE from a design into a team.

Brittney Dugas
NorAzmi Alia PhD Profile Picture

Our core mentor in Southeast Asia, and chemical engineer with postgrad background in composite materials. 25+ years work experience in electronic and related industry. Since 2010, has fused academia, investors, and tech startups in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. Recent interests in farming within urban setting.

NorAzmi Alias, PhD
Ricardo Castillo Profile Picture

A mechatronics engineer from Texas A&M University, midway through his Master’s. He loves hands-on robotics projects and most recently, exploring continuum-DOF robotic arm applications. You can find him feasting on Texas barbecue in his off time.

Ricardo Castillo
Brey Caraway Profile Picture

Currently a TAMU MS candidate with BS in mechatronics. Brey has a fascination and impressive aptitude in aspects of robotics systems, mechanical design, efficiency, prototyping and additive manufacturing. Loves world travel and as of 2021, he is actively exploring international work opportunities.

Brey Caraway
Joseph Morgan, PhD, PE Profile Picture

Our advisor in electronics, research strategy and tech partnerships. Currently a Professor Emeritus at TAMU & was Program Coordinator for the founding of the Mechatronics Engineering degree program. Joe created the “Product Innovation Cellar” where 500+ capstone projects, space-bound creations, and STEM workshops emerged.

Joseph Morgan, PhD, PE

Goes by Fad and holds education in Electrical Engineering Technology plus Mechatronics programs. Starting in 2020, Fad worked alongside David to form Malaysia’s SCUTTLE Lab in Johor. On weekends, watches anime & helps his family restaurant serve fresh, local, roti canai.

Fadullah Fairuze
Michael Townsend

A native to College Station, TX, (just like SCUTTLE!) Michael graduates in Spring 2022 from MXET at Texas A&M. He authored our first official SCUTTLE manual to support high school roboticists. His interests include additive manufacturing, golfing, and trading stocks. Michael is always down for a tropical vacation with his family and friends.

Michael Townsend
David Malawey

Earned his MS in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M, formerly held roles of engine design and calibration at Toyota, plus over 5 years as an educator in mechatronics. He hopes to see the SCUTTLE community grow to critical mass as an educational system and then aims to bring robotics into indoor agriculture.

David Malawey

Earned his MBA from ESADE Business School (Barcelona) and his BS in Electrical Engineering from Missouri S&T. His background spans software and manufacturing engineering and business development. His excitement for game-changing technologies and building solutions to challenging problems is a strong addition to the SCUTTLE team.

Trenton Wesche


Ana Goulart, PhD Profile Picture

Dr. Goulart is a professor and researcher in data networks, electronic communications, IoT security. Her home state is Minas Gerais, Brazil and she currently teaches at Texas A&M. Ana has advised multiple senior design teams developing mobile robotics functions based on SCUTTLE, and mentors the team in NSF funding pursuits.

Ana Goulart, PhD
2019 Nextec Capstone Team

Design of a wireless charging station for SCUTTLE, including software for autonomous docking by computer vision

Hayden B, Cameron T, Patrick B, Daniel Z
2020 BAST Capstone Team

This 2020-graduating capstone team designed a robot guide for campus visitors. Their project, named BAST, Integrates LIDAR, cellular link, voice commands, and GPS.

Jesse R, Shanley M, Evan M, Austin H
FloBotics Capstone Team

Flobotics designed a greenhouse robot, "Ventus," for ambient data mapping. Ventus features a custom airflow meter which reports 3D vectors as small as 0.1 meters per second.  They also included LIDAR, temperature and pressure data, perimeter-following capability, and long range (LoRa) encrypted data packet transmission using SigFox hardware.

Joseph K, Luke B, Yuzhe P, Gyuyoung J