Flobotics Engineering Showcase Video from 2022.

Team: A capstone project team in the MXET program at Texas A&M, named Flobotics.  They named the robot Ventus.

Team Members:

  • Joseph Kim
  • Luke Bettinger
  • Yuzhe Pei
  • Gyuyoung Jeong


Monitor airflow in 3 dimensions for indoor greenhouse applications.  Uses SLAM and creates a map of the facility in order to take measurements all around.  Then, the airflow measurements (x,y,z) are stored in the map to produce a visual vector map of the air movement in the facility.


Autonomous driving, measures airflow down to 0.1 m/s, records temperature and humidity, and encrypts data & transmits over IoT using SigFox technology.  This is also a form of LoRa.  The data is stored on an external USB for quick collection locally.