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Hackster & SCUTTLE

We invite you to share your projects on hackster and (with some time, we just started ☺) discover other projects built on the SCUTTLE Platform!  Starting in March 2023 we updated our Hackster backend so you can add “SCUTTLE” as a “thing” in a project parts list. July 2022 we began our Hackster community to exchange project-based outcomes with roboticist-makers around the world. 

Hands-on Learning

The Hackster community has makers just like us. We are here for experiential learning, where you can start from the ground up with no judgement and free lessons. Compared with university instructions and youtube projects, these examples keep your budget in mind as an individual maker. Discover a new circuit project, IoT function, or software example you can try at home.

Maker Platforms

Crowd Favorites for robotics projects for many of our makers are on Hackster. Find Projects:

Jetson Nano

Grab Employers Attention

Hackster’s database of projects gives you instant exposure to peers, learners, and best of all: Professional Employers!  

Hiring managers in our circle love to see real hands-on projects and how they were executed.  If you are a recent graduate in engineering – linking your project in your resume is a very powerful tool.  The modern way to find great job placement is to let the recruiters discover you, we guarantee it 😌.

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