• SCUTTLE Tech Guide

    SCUTTLE Tech Guide

    More Open, More Dynamic Guides

  • Anthropometrics


    How can we use anthromometric data to choose our design specs?

  • Tools MiniGuide

    Tools MiniGuide

    All about the tools you need to build & mod your SCUTTLE robot.

  • IoT MiniGuide

    IoT MiniGuide

    Internet of Things

  • Kinematics MiniGuide

    Kinematics MiniGuide

    Learn about Kinematics for our Differential Drive Mobile Robot (DDMR)

  • Bill of Materials

    Bill of Materials

    Parts lists to help you find components to DIY a SCUTTLE or create new modifications

  • CPU Options

    CPU Options

    Gallery & info of scuttle configurations with various CPUs integrated.

  • Software Discovery

    Software Discovery

    explains which softwares are used for various outcomes & platforms.

  • Mechanical MiniGuide

    Mechanical MiniGuide

    Troubleshooting & design details for mechanical elements & assemblies.

  • Rendering MiniGuide

    Rendering MiniGuide

    Learn to customize parts appearance in solidworks, including 3D printed textures.

  • Designer MiniGuide

    Designer MiniGuide

    Standards, processes, and how to design for open publication

  • Community MiniGuide

    Community MiniGuide

    community values and how to make efficient contributions

  • 3D Printing MiniGuide

    3D Printing MiniGuide

    View parts orientations, expected print times, & our preferred settings for 3D printing.