CPU Options

Gallery & info of scuttle configurations with various CPUs integrated.

We have built & provided documentation for the four options here, and more. From here, you can pretty much integrate any embedded cpu. Power loads ranging from the 2-watt raspberry pi to the 40-watt CAPA55R computer is accomodated, and adapters are available for boards without an i2C bus. Our mounting brackets are parametric for easy adaptation to fasten boards of different dimensions.

Quick Overview:

  • Raspberry Pi
    • Version 4B, the most popular embedded computer globally, with light (2-6W) power demand and a plethora of online tutorials for learners & researchers
  • Edge AI by Texas Instruments
    • Specifically designed for Edge (no cloud) computing in realtime, around 10x computing power of the Pi with examples & support direct from Texas Instruments.
    • Extremely efficient power circuitry built into a “development board” with intentions to bridge learning and testing directly to customer-engineered computing designs.
    • Datasheet of over 7,000 pages. It is an engineering system, not a toy.
  • Beaglebone Blue
    • Designed similar in performance to Pi with added onboard modules specifically for embedded robotics, twin WiFi adapters, and dedicated PWM chips (RTU) for driving motors without taxing the CPU.
    • Supported by a fully open-source company that gives experts access to deep electronics-level customization & control of board-level drivers.
  • Intel i7 on CAPA55R
    • Industrial computer design, with active cooling, a full-fledged i7 processor found in desktop computers, capable of running Windows, Linux, ROS, and combinations.
    • BIG power, up to 40 watts, slots for M.2 SSD’s, and PC expansion headers – distributed as a B2B intention, and found in real-world robots such as those in WalMart distribution warehouses.
    • Heat/shock/vibration testing by the manufacturer, Axiomtek, to withstand industrial environments and offer compliance certificates for true industrial automation.



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