Our organization’s business entity in North America makes robots available for the community.

What we do:

The SCUTTLE project began in 2017 and was named in 2018, but it needed a business entity to make hardware available for customers.

Founded in February 2022 by David Malawey, the LLC is intended to offer distribution of robotics kits and to create a structure that empowers the SCUTTLE community in North America to increase in scale, partner with technology businesses, and onboard talent for our growing outcomes.

Rather than focusing on e-commerce, the LLC spans Community Development, Production & Logistics, and Education.  We aim to steer the SCUTTLE organization to leverage other Open technology and become a resource that freely offers foundational robotics building blocks.

Aspirations: we owe a great credit to and Prusa Research for serving as models that demonstrate the power of open-source hardware communities. 

How we do it:

Modernized Manufacturing

SCUTTLE LLC connects with USA-based manufacturers of 3D components to create flexibility and customization in production of robotics parts. 3D printing allows rapid innovation and frequent updates of design components without interrupting the supply chain. iSolids (shown here) ships over 100,000 3D printed components per month.


We work directly with engineers from robotics companies like VIAM who specialize in various engineering areas. We support design & sharing of prototypes with popular functions such as indoor gardening (as seen in Viam’s “plant-bot” above).


Community is everything. SCUTTLE Robotics is developing training modules for various age groups and offering hands-on training to validate our processes to deliver robotics lessons to broader audiences.

Advancing Tech

The most advanced AI systems in the world are being integrated onboard SCUTTLE each year. Working directly with Texas Instruments engineers and other manufacturers, we will offer continuous new possibilities for developers by publishing reliable designs for free.

International SCUTTLE-ing

SCUTTLE Robotics Asia is our sister company on the opposite side of the planet, and the two companies operate as a team. Since we began distributing robots, orders have appeared from global locations (Canada, New Zealand, Germany, China, and more!) and we have dynamically fulfilled the orders between our two hub sites in Texas and Johor. See SCUTTLE Robotics Asia for more info.