• Charging isolation switch

    This switch mod can redirect the battery circuit from the robot to the charger.

  • Monitor Tower
    Monitor Tower

    Attach a standard monitor (75×75 mm screw pattern) with HDMI and elevate the camera to your desired height.

  • Wheel Mod 152mm
    Wheel Mod 152mm

    Big wheels for 105mm ground clearance and 184% top speed from the standard spec.

  • DIN Rail
    DIN Rail

    Industry-standard mounting track for electronics.

  • Linear Actuator 17
    Linear Actuator 17

    An openbuilds design for a NEMA-17 based linear actuator that’s affordable & DIY-friendly.

  • Aluminum Extrusion
    Aluminum Extrusion

    Models of four common manufacturers’ 3030 extrusions.

  • SICK Lidar
    SICK Lidar

    SICK TiM561 Lidar and Bracket mounts to the 3030 Extrusions on SCUTTLE

  • Wheel Mod 120mm
    Wheel Mod 120mm

    Mod your robot for more ground clearance with 120mm wheels

  • Body Cover
    Body Cover

    This 3D printable body cover fits on top of the chassis, 305mm wide by 365mm long.

  • i2c Breakout Board
    i2c Breakout Board

    This simple PCB is used to distribute i2c bus signals from the CPU to various sensors (encoders, or addons).

  • SCUTTLE v3.0
    SCUTTLE v3.0

    The latest SCUTTLE version uses DIN rail to mount electronics, replacing the aluminum tubes from version 2. Parts are lighter, stronger, and easier to 3D print! Options of processors fully integrated. Each option has tested wiring, communications, power, and software.

  • SprayMaster

    3D Printed Actuator for spraying anything.

  • SCUTTLE v2.4
    SCUTTLE v2.4

    The world’s most well-documented open mobile robot design. Our 3D Printable open-source mobile robot platform, version 2.4. This is the production version for 2021 and 2022.

  • Lidar Tower
    Lidar Tower

    The Lidar Tower consists of 3D printed brackets for elevating & mounting a Lidar Assembly.

  • Fender

    [grabCAD] Designed by D3 Engineering for custom SCUTTLE setup.

  • Realsense Camera Bracket
    Realsense Camera Bracket

    3D Printed + Off-the-shelf assembly to mount the Intel Realsense Camera on a SCUTTLE Robot. Includes a double ball mount found in photography attachments.

  • Header Pin Cover
    Header Pin Cover

    Protect your header pins from short circuits, & maintain spacing on Pi, etc.

  • Antenna Bracket
    Antenna Bracket

    [GRABCAD] 3D Printable antenna bracket for boards which have external WiFi antennas. Compatible Parts:► Wifi Card: Intel 9260NGW (► Antennas, omnidirectional, 8dbi, SMA connector: (

  • Servo Arm
    Servo Arm

    [CLICK HERE] This servo arm has 2 degrees of freedom, is made from standard hobby servos, PVC tube, and 3D prints. It has been tested with SCUTTLE and works with manipulating light loads. The joints are double-supported, utilizing the same low cost 608 bearings in the SCUTTLE wheels. See an Example project using this design on a SCUTTLE!

  • Kickstand

    Use the kickstand to lift your wheels off the ground for tuning, or set the robot on its side.

  • DIN Bracket v1
    DIN Bracket v1

    3D printable bracket for securing of DIN rail to the 3030 Extrusions. Requires one M6 x 12mm fastener and allows the user to slide the bracket along the extrusion or along the DIN rail to meet the desired position.

  • Tower

    A DIY tower assembly for elevating the SCUTTLE deck height.

  • Battery Tray Adapter
    Battery Tray Adapter

    This design can be soldered to the common 3-cell tray to easily solder on your BMS board. It’s shared on EasyEDA. Author: M. Antonakakis

  • Battery Tray
    Battery Tray

    Simple Circuit design for the footprint of the battery tray.