Air Battery

fire extinguisher canister modeled-to-scale for pneumatic systems.

This design features a modeled-to-scale components of a fire extinguisher model available globally. It has a nice 1400cc volume and high quality valve to begin a pneumatic system on your robot.

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  • Max Rated Pressure: 400psi
  • Inlet thread: 1/8in NPT
  • Outlet thread: M12
  • Pneumatic actuator pressure: <200psi, typical
  • Valve Material: cast aluminum
  • Bottle material: steel (can rust, manage your moisture carefully)
  • Tubing: 6mm ID 9mm OD
  • Recommended fittings: push-to-connect HDPE fittings
  • Volume: 1350 cc / 0.36 gallons


  • Do you have the proper knowledge to work safely with pneumatics?
  • If you have no training in pneumatics, get training before you proceed.
  • All of our example mods are limited to the pressures & operating procedures of the components involved. For any pneumatic component, you must read the safety requirements for the component before you use it.
  • Explosion: We chose an extinguisher because they are built with a strong factor of safety. If the unit is dropped or exposed to fire, it is likely to still operate safely. THE EXCEPTION IS RUST. If you wish to operate your unit frequently, condensation will form inside the canister and cause rust that can weaken the bottle. Similar problems will arise if you are refilling your canister with liquids. If you have humid conditions or work with water, please select an ALUMINUM type of fire extinguisher.

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