Motor Driver

The standard motor driver for SCUTTLE v2 and v3.

The standard motor driver for SCUTTLE v2 and v3. Model available with brackets & fasteners if you download the full SCUTTLE CAD model on grabCAD.


  • Output terminals: 4
  • Output channels: 2
  • Max Voltage input: 40v
  • Max current per channel: 5A
  • Max power at 12v per channel: 60W (each motor)
  • Input signals: 2 pairs of PWM inputs
  • Recommended PWM frequency: 100hz or greater, for our motors
  • Max wire gauge: 18awg on screw terminals, with ferrule
  • Fasteners: M2.5x12mm screws, pan-head (clearance fit through pcb).

Deep Techy Stuff:

Here’s the datasheet for the onboard h-bridges. CAUTION, this is NOT the datasheet for the board. It is for the chip. The board shown above (called HW-231) is an integrated PCB with two h-bridge units (MC33886) and a bit of circuitry for easy access to the most important pins on these chips. The H-bridge is a FET (field effect transistor) or a solid-state transistor which allows or disallows current to flow based on an input condition.


Can we use the L298N? Yes, you can, but note some drawbacks. Reasons to swap to L298N:

Reasons to use L298N:

  • Save money – they’re as cheap as $2 a piece on Amazon
  • Find tutorials – millions of sample projects like lastminuteengineers are online.
  • Add an actuator – use the same PWM signal pair to add a lower-powered actuator

Reasons NOT to use L298N:

  • Reduced power by 60% (only 2A per output versus 5A)
  • Need to design your own bracket (rather than just print another)
  • Signal wires more messy, splayed out as shown below.

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