SCUTTLE Robotics Asia

Our Southeast Asian hub for supporting scuttle makers, learners, and customers.


Began as a lab for building and teaching robots in July 2020, and founded as a PLT in February 2021, by David Malawey and Cofounder NorAzmi Alias. NorAzmi currently leads the team as CEO. 

What we do:

The SCUTTLE Asia entity is expanding through 2023 in capacity for production of robotics kits & is the key supplier for SCUTTLE Robotics LLC in distribution.

How we do it:

female student tests a wire connection of a scuttle in a workshop


SCUTTLE Robotics Asia established a technology space at the EduCity Iskandar campus in 2021. They have connected with nationwide educational programs to offer hands-on robotics training at secondary and post-secondary levels.

Tech Partnerships

Expanding partnerships with local technology companies including Fortune Machine Computer (FMC) led by Chong Yoe Yat

Intel Integration

To begin an Intel collaboration, SCUTTLE Asia integrated the latest intel i7 Processor (Gen 12) and joined Intel’s showcase at the local robotics conference in Kuala Lumpur. They also created a 500mm SCUTTLE variant intended for 100kg payloads.


The SCUTTLE Asia team has expanded lab spaces 3 times and continues attracting technology players & showcasing at technology conferences in Asia.

Malaysia’s Strengths

Malaysia has a highly tech-focused economy that encourages startups & international collaboration while the region leaps from a manufacturing an agricultural sectors into new endeavors.

Iskandar Malaysia

The government of Malaysia created an ongoing roadmap for the country to reach into Industry 4.0 and the Iskandar region (in Johor Bahru) is the focal point! The state of Johor enjoys an overflowing tech economy from Singapore, their neighbor.

SCUTTLE Global Presence

SCUTTLE Robotics Asia works as a team with SCUTTLE Robotics LLC in the USA. Located 199 degrees across the globe from the initial SCUTTLE birthplace, the vectors that connect our USA and Asia hubs cross every contintent. This opens opportunities for collaborators worldwide.