• Robofun Hackathon

    Robofun Hackathon

    What is it? ROBOFUN Hackathon is an Industry Open-source Mobile Robotics Design Challenge, co-organised by Intel and SCUTTLE Robotics Asia. The purpose of the hackathon is for the students and lecturers that are trained in Autonomous Mobile Robotics to sharpen their skills in developing solutions to solve many real world problems using the SCUTTLE –…

  • MRANTI Makerslab (+Viam) Workshop

    MRANTI Makerslab (+Viam) Workshop

    SCUTTLE 101 Introduction to Mobile Robotics workshop session delivered with Viam App this recent Saturday 13 May 2023 at MRANTI Resource Center (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

  • BlackBerry QNX Academy

    BlackBerry QNX Academy

    Blackberry QNX Academy launched recently for fast-tracking safety software development for industrial applications.

  • Trademark Unlocked

    Trademark Unlocked

    The USPTO approved our trademark and this helps the whole SCUTTLE community.

  • Viam Tutorials on Youtube!

    Viam Tutorials on Youtube!

    Our friends at Viam have published instructions on starting your SCUTTLE with their easy modular software.

  • ROBOFUN Collaboration with Intel

    ROBOFUN Collaboration with Intel

    SCUTTLE Robotics Asia PLT is collaborating with Intel Corporation to provide an industry-driven autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) education to 5 public and private universities…

Open Projects


  • Open Hardware Business – Part1

    Open Hardware Business – Part1

    A discussion of the intersection where designers, open-sourcerers, business pros, and investors, and manufacturers meet and usually get mixed up.

  • Standards > Inventions

    Standards > Inventions

    What we value in business that steers our engineering & action-taking?

  • We Made an Impact!

    We Made an Impact!

    A personal account written by David.

  • Open Source

    Open Source

    We’re compiling over 5 years of open source strategy & resources; this post is a preview.

  • Project Readiness Level

    Project Readiness Level

    We’re trying out a system akin to NASA’s Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) for open projects.

  • Manufacturing Partners Wanted

    Manufacturing Partners Wanted

    Seeking high-quality manufacturers to help meet growing demand for production.

  • Robot Arms

    Robot Arms

    Which robot arm is suitable for a SCUTTLE chassis?