• Antipatent – MDO Robotics

    Antipatent – MDO Robotics

    announcement of multidisciplinary optimizer based on former thesis work (2016)

  • Introducing a Non-Profit

    Introducing a Non-Profit

    Reasons and actions for forming a 501c, to operate side-by-side with SCUTTLE Robotics LLC and SCUTTLE Robotics Asia PLT

  • Robofun Hackathon

    Robofun Hackathon

    Robotics Design Challenge, co-organised by Intel and SCUTTLE Robotics Asia.

  • MRANTI Makerslab (+Viam) Workshop

    MRANTI Makerslab (+Viam) Workshop

    SCUTTLE 101 Introduction to Mobile Robotics workshop session delivered with Viam App this recent Saturday 13 May 2023 at MRANTI Resource Center (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

  • BlackBerry QNX Academy

    BlackBerry QNX Academy

    Blackberry QNX Academy launched recently for fast-tracking safety software development for industrial applications.

  • Trademark Unlocked

    Trademark Unlocked

    The USPTO approved our trademark and this helps the whole SCUTTLE community.

Open Projects


  • How do you Profit?

    How do you Profit?

    Explanation of how the business remains profitable while sharing designs freely.

  • 10 Year Goals

    10 Year Goals

    Have you ever seen the 10-year goals of a robotics organization?

  • Anthropometrics


    How can we use anthromometric data to choose our design specs?

  • Top Performance Guaranteed

    Top Performance Guaranteed

    Insights on our choices of technology and what makes it the best of the best.

  • Open Hardware Business – Part1

    Open Hardware Business – Part1

    A discussion of the intersection where designers, open-sourcerers, business pros, and investors, and manufacturers meet and usually get mixed up.

  • Standards > Inventions

    Standards > Inventions

    What we value in business that steers our engineering & action-taking?

  • We Made an Impact!

    We Made an Impact!

    A personal account written by David.

  • Open Source

    Open Source

    We’re compiling over 5 years of open source strategy & resources; this post is a preview.