10 Year Goals

Have you ever seen the 10-year goals of a robotics organization?

Have you ever seen the 10-year goals of a robotics organization?

Below is a first-version outline our 10-year plan roughly, to help stakeholders (learners, partners, team-members) discover where, and how our organization offers value to them.

10 year goals
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GOAL 1 ► Serve the spectrum of users who deserve to be served.
  • The spectrum consists of the full range of each of these metrics:
    • Young learners (lego level) to advanced learners (post-doctoral)
    • Private engineers to public servants
    • Low-income individuals to leaders of country-sized fiscal assets.
    • Engineers to full-time artists
    • Consumers to large enterprises
  • Make a clear interface for each group that fills the gap where their pre-scuttle resources did not sufficiently serve them.
GOAL 2 ► Establish a self-sufficient hub in each continent.
  • Each hub will have leadership who can make decisions that support their region’s culture, economics, and aspirations.
  • Each hub will be equipped to do the following:
    • Build open-source technology
    • Demonstrate & train learners in a welcoming physical space
    • Facilitate collaboration with private industry, host leaders, and connect through relationships
    • Help locals create their own businesses that advance a dream of any hard-working, inspired individual in the multidisciplinary engineering space.
  • Develop a system of building value in people which does not rely on any single-factor bottleneck, technological or otherwise, in the event of catastrophe.
GOAL 3 ► See one leader per year pass one barrier per year.
  • By 2033, we should be able to list 10 leaders on their journey.
  • The leader who has interfaced with our organization for 5 years should be able to describe 5 barriers that they passed, and which we supported on their journey.
  • Fulfill this activity through mentorship, 1 on 1.
  • By 2028, have a mentorship structure that onboards and retains the above mentor and mentee without departure
GOAL 4 ► Operate sustainably in the For-profit and Nonprofit economies.
  • Create a net surplus in value in the sectors measured in dollars as well as those we measure without dollars.
  • For measuring value, have a clear system based on well-adopted standards for measuring value that we output.
  • For each global region, have at least one enterprise and one nonprofit organization registered in a representative country & in compliance with the local democratic authority.
GOAL 5 ► Succeed in video calls.
  • Get Phillip McGee a microphone that works properly.
    • Stretch target: establish 1080p video resolution for international meetings.

For the goals above, we hope to finalize and announce by December 31, 2024. We are taking inputs from all team members who have been served thus far. Just reach out if you are one of them.

Cheers to our journey to 2033!

David Malawey
Project Founder

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