BlackBerry QNX Academy

Blackberry QNX Academy launched recently for fast-tracking safety software development for industrial applications.

We made it to Blackberry’s industrial safety applications showcase at CES 2023 with SCUTTLE combined with Lidar, binocular vision, and 3D image processing on a TI processor!

In the last decade, many similar demos have been stitched together with a turtlebot, a laptop, and lots of zip ties. We’re proud to support the advancement of real industry evolution with a more modular development platform, and more space, power, and payload to drive custom add-ons.

Blackberry / SCUTTLE Demo

What is QNX Academy?

So what?

So, SCUTTLE creates a pathway from pre-college education all the way into the modern workforce, where innovations in software, AI, and sensor fusion advance more easily with a robust mechanical platform.

This is an application where we toss out the raspberry pi in favor for the realtime responsiveness that comes with an 8-tops embedded computer. In order to perform certain mandatory safety functions (imagine autonomous forklifts & inventory robots) in a safe environment for humans, we upgrade to industry-oriented components.

Now, it’s easier than ever to swap computers or other components & join the researchers in functional safety.

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