Introducing a Non-Profit

Reasons and actions for forming a 501c, to operate side-by-side with SCUTTLE Robotics LLC and SCUTTLE Robotics Asia PLT

Reasons and actions for forming a 501c, to operate side-by-side with SCUTTLE Robotics LLC and SCUTTLE Robotics Asia PLT

Purpose of this publication: Several partners and parties have taken an interest in our plans for nonprofit execution. Let us start with the reasons for making a nonprofit, so that we may collect inputs that can help us succeed.

Introducing a Non-Profit
  1. Pay for Education Programs.
    1. Direct funds from SCUTTLE revenues to teams of college-age workers to perform travel to high schools to provide free education (to teachers and kids).
    2. Execute this with a tax deduction by paying money from LLC to nonprofit for the expenses.
  2. Pay for online resources
    1. A great deal of our online content is solely for open education. The costs for hosting, server activity, and data SEO, marketing, etc for this specific content can be paid under the nonprofit.
    2. The funds will go further (create more value for same amount) as the 501c makes tax-exempt transactions.
  3. Enhance partners’ leverage to teach
    1. Partners like Texas Instruments would like to fund robot kits and workshop programmes to teach TI technology with SCUTTLE platforms. Facilitate this donation by receiving with the 501c which will comply more nicely with the partner’s corporate policies.
  4. Enhance eligibility for grants
    1. Many grants for STEM education are only allocated for nonprofit groups. Gain eligibility to receive grants and subsequently take actions to train and upskill.
  5. Diversify the opportunities for team members
    1. Many college students want to have an internship with an engineering company. Others want to build their experience and resume with nonprofit participation. Open the doors to all options.
  6. Position ourselves to learn from leaders
    1. Our aspirations closely relate to architectures like Linux, Wikipedia, OpenAI, etc. Gain advising from these professionals within these groups by having a matching structure within which to relate our milestones and actions.
    2. Collect takeaways from these leaders and plug them into real action in realtime.
  7. Express our mission better
    1. Make sure that our contact with the public is commenced with an obvious set of values that match our actions and abilities, as an organization.
    2. Be able to perform branding that shows our true colors.
  8. Diversify Leadership
    1. We can’t be good at everything within the LLC. Enhance success for both for-profit missions and nonprofit goals by instantiating a dedicated entity with experienced experts.
    2. Hire dedicated staff under the nonprofit who broaden the span of our societal awareness and take broader actions.
    3. Give power to the nonprofit to take the best course of action in case of previous activities having a conflict of interest with the LLC business endeavors.
  9. Collaborate with other Nonprofits
    1. Perform hand-shaking with nonprofits around the world who may need technology plugged into their existing mission.
    2. Have staff onboard who are of the nature to work part time with multiple nonprofits and have a life structure that is better supported by 501c employers than 501c + LLC employers.
  10. Discover how it works
    • Our organization subscribes to “learn by doing” and we can learn much more about how nonprofits function as we build one in parallel. As our advisor Dr. Joe Morgan often said, “ready, fire, aim!”
    • Show that we have taken the first steps as we seek advising from more experienced leaders of nonprofits.


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  • Discord: you can join our community in a couple of clicks and then send a direct message.
  • Youtube, Instagram, or Github, linkedin
    • our content appears in many places. If you navigate to the place that matches your usual online activity, you can use the associated messaging tools to get in touch.

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