How can we use anthromometric data to choose our design specs?

Anthropometry is the science that defines physical measures of a person’s size, form, and functional capacities.

We use anthromometric data to choose how to shape our designs so that they will function nicely in our spaces, and collaborate readily with people. After all, our modern world was built for people.

You can find trustworthy data on Anthropometry published by NIOSH, the national institute for occupational safety and health.

doorway with anthropometric person

Does your robot fit?

These photos show part of the basic planning to have a robot move through spaces that people have built in society. Can we fit through a doorway? Can we pass by another robot or person while we perform a task?

These images are a quick preview of functional planning for SCUTTLE. Even when a payload is added, it should be able to navigate through a facility or a home. Our SCUTTLE base platform is dimensioned to meet these criteria:

  • SCUTTLE can fit through a doorway
  • it can pass through a doorway while a person passes
  • it has clearance to pass by a human
  • it can enter an elevator
  • it can enter an escalator, and pass over the gaps

Have you Considered Accessibility?

Can you robot use an elevator or an escalator? Modern buildings make huge investments in technology that gives human accessibility. All public buildings in the USA have ADA accessibility – ADA means “accessible design.”

You can learn more about Standards for Accessible Design from the website. This is administered by the US government and adopted by many countries.

As of 2023, the basic scuttles (v2 and v3) can navigate typical accessible paths and even some that are not. The one target that we achieved which are not handi-capped accessible are escalators and some thesholds that may cause a wheelchair to be stuck.

As we look at thresholds – some require a larger wheel and there are thousands of options. Our guiding method is to have a clear target – in some case we may benchmark the Amazon Astro robot – although not popular, it is the first home robot backed by the largest company offering such a design. If Astro can do it, we can do it!

Dear co-developers,

Grab some anthropometric data that we are using here if you wish to collaborate!

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