Wireless Charging

Open Projects are large efforts that focus on one key function. We are posting open projects starting in 2023 to give assets to new designers who are on the same mission. There are hundreds of projects but we are selecting the ones which fill a recurring need year after year. These projects sometimes have PDFs, design review docs, contact information, CAD files, software files, and many miscellaneous assets. Hopefully the project gives a starting point for further open development.


Nextec Capstone Team 2019


Key Docs

User Manual for design (download)

Final Report from capstone team, 2019

Bill of Materials for design

Software Modules by NexTec


PCB Gerber Files

Charging Station circuit (download)

SCUTTLE On-board circuit (download)


(further videos are linked in the youtube description for this video)


Hackster Writeup for this project

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