• Antenna Bracket
    Antenna Bracket

    [GRABCAD] 3D Printable antenna bracket for boards which have external WiFi antennas. Compatible Parts:► Wifi Card: Intel 9260NGW (► Antennas, omnidirectional, 8dbi, SMA connector: (

  • Servo Arm
    Servo Arm

    This servo arm has 2 degrees of freedom, is made from standard hobby servos, PVC tube, and 3D prints. It has been tested with SCUTTLE and works with manipulating light loads. The joints are double-supported, utilizing the same low cost 608 bearings in the SCUTTLE wheels. More Info (2023) This was one of our earliest…

  • Kickstand

    Use the kickstand to lift your wheels off the ground for tuning, or set the robot on its side.

  • DIN Bracket v1
    DIN Bracket v1

    3D printable bracket for securing of DIN rail to the 3030 Extrusions. Requires one M6 x 12mm fastener and allows the user to slide the bracket along the extrusion or along the DIN rail to meet the desired position.

  • Tower

    A DIY tower assembly for elevating the SCUTTLE deck height.

  • Battery Tray Adapter
    Battery Tray Adapter

    Battery Tray Adapter connects the 3S battery tray to the BMS board by soldering.

  • Battery Tray
    Battery Tray

    Simple Circuit design for the footprint of the battery tray.

  • Discover Models
    Discover Models

    Find all Models with SCUTTLE Tags on grabCAD! We encourage users who create add-ons to use the ‘SCUTTLE’ tag on CAD uploads so the community can find them.

  • Stepper Motor Plate
    Stepper Motor Plate

    [grabcad] 3D Printable stepper motor plate assembly, for NEMA23 motors.

  • NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Bracket
    NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Bracket

    This 3D Printed bracket holds a stepper motor with the shaft parallel to your 3030 extrusion. Models are available on grabCAD.

  • Robot v2.3
    Robot v2.3

    Model for the standard robot configuration, version 2.3, hosted on grabCAD.

  • Alternate i2c Mount Bracket
    Alternate i2c Mount Bracket

    A design to remotely mount your i2c circuit board on the 3030 rails. Designed for 3D printing, available on grabCAD

  • Edge AI Bracket
    Edge AI Bracket

    Attach a TI Edge AI board to the DIN Rail with an easy 2-piece bracket.

  • Alternate Bracket for Pi
    Alternate Bracket for Pi

    Student-designed bracket for Raspberry Pi, that seats the i2c circuit board level with the bracket. See details in grabCAD

  • Stepper-Driven Conveyor
    Stepper-Driven Conveyor

    A prototype version of a conveyor to mount on SCUTTLE. This requires some OTS parts and some 3D printing, plus electronics. See details in the grabCAD post.

  • Jetson Nano Bracket
    Jetson Nano Bracket

    3D Printable bracket to mount Jetson Nano on SCUTTLE Robot chassis.

  • Industrial Bin
    Industrial Bin

    Fits SCUTTLE Platforms and used in real industrial applications.

  • Camera Bracket Assembly v2
    Camera Bracket Assembly v2

    3D Printable camera bracket on grabCAD

  • INA219 Current Sensor Bracket
    INA219 Current Sensor Bracket

    3D Printable Bracket for INA219 current sensor to mount on your motor driver. This sensor can read out Current, Voltage, and Power. The wiring setup for SCUTTLE motor driver is shown in the diagram. Always check the SCUTTLE wiring guide for updated wiring!

  • SCUTTLE Deck v1
    SCUTTLE Deck v1

    A payload deck design that holds an industrial bin and attaches to the SCUTTLE Chassis.

  • RPLidar A1 Lidar Bracket
    RPLidar A1 Lidar Bracket

    Simple 3D printed bracket design for RPlidar sensor. This model mounts horizontally on any 3030 extrusion. This is the older version compared with the vertically-mounted setup. The vertical config has been favorable for designers wishing to carry a payload and lift the lidar height. Easy to DIY with a 3D printer and two M6 fasteners.