DIN Rail

Industry-standard mounting track for electronics.


This model is parametric – the length of the CAD model is assigned to a variable. See the images for instructions on customizing the length. It’s an off-the-shelf part at any electronics distributor, or even Amazon.com.

We use the steel din rail design which has curved edges and a better strength compared with the aluminum DIN rail. You can still use aluminum on SCUTTLE but our main brackets fit best with steel options

Lengths on SCUTTLE v3.0
  • Mounting across: 305mm (along y-axis)
  • Mounting long-ways: 365mm (along x-axis)
Integration of DIN rail
  • Use the DIN bracket to fasten to 3030 Extrusion
  • Attach each electronic with respective bracket
  • Use OTS terminal blocks from any manufacturer

Assembly Video

Animated Assembly of the v3.0 chassis, including DIN rail.

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