Linear Actuator 17

An openbuilds design for a NEMA-17 based linear actuator that's affordable & DIY-friendly.


This actuator can generate a 2.5lbs linear force. If your attached actuator weighs 1lbs, consider adding a counterweight of equal mass. Then, you can get the full 5lbs capacity in the vertical direction.

Our SCUTTLE electronics are fully capable of providing the signals to the stepper motor and the current to the motor. Requires about 20 watts peak with a 12v source and about 40 watts peak if you boost it to 24v (recommended for full torque).



Specifications for this assembly:

Linear Actuators Drive System Accuracy Available Sizes Travel Accuracy Positioning Max Force Max Speed
V-Slot® Mini V Actuator<br> Belt Driven GT2-2M Timing Belts 0.003“ ~0.007” (0.10mm ~0.20mm) 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm 15“, 35”, 54“ (380, 880, 1380mm) 0.260mm 2.5lb (11N) ~10,000mm/min
V-Slot® NEMA 17 Belt Actuator<br> Belt Driven GT2-2M Timing Belts 0.003” ~0.007“ (0.10mm ~0.20mm) 250mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm 7”, 14“, 33”, 47“ (170, 345, 845, 1190mm) 0.260mm 2.5lb (11N) ~10,000mm/min

Build Video

Example Build Video

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