3D Printed Actuator for spraying anything.

3D Printed Actuator for spraying anything with easy control.


Painting Robot, sanitizing robot, maintenance under-vehicle such as rust prohibitor, fire-extinguishing, or pest control.

We actually chose a simple linear actuator because many designers are implementing linear actions (button pressing, lever-pressing, etc) and building their actuators from the ground up. This actuator has been tested (power, robustness, force, speed, etc) for all of the basics and it’s decidedly a good option for light (>1kg) linear motion. Consider using this instead of a DC motor for your suitable application! With a trigger-based actuation, it’s as easy as raising one GPIO pin on your controller to command the actuator to move.

To reverse the movement, you may implement a spring, utilize a negative voltage, or do nothing at all such as the case with a spray can, and it works great!

Hardware required:

  • Screws, M5, assorted
  • Nuts, M5 slide-in
  • Nuts, M5, Hex
  • Extruded Aluminum, 20x20mm

STEP file now shared (2023.11) but excluding hardware.

To build it:

  • Purchase an actuator: on amazon or auto parts store
  • Get wires, 20cm DuPont to hookup signals
  • Add a laser, 5v such such as this one

Wiring Diagram

Coming soon! Reach out on our discord if you’re in need of this diagram early.

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