Monitor Tower

Attach a standard monitor (75x75 mm screw pattern) with HDMI and elevate the camera to your desired height.

3D print the green colored parts and use the standard SCUTTLE camera with your own LCD monitor to add a display to your SCUTTLE robot. This assembly uses 2 M6x12 screws at the base and 4 M4x10mm screws to attach the monitor, plus 2 M6 fasteners for the DIN rail. The monitor mount has a compliant snap-fitment onto the DIN rail.

How to Build it
  • Build four 3D parts from the STL folder
  • Cut DIN rail to 80mm long & thread into the tube-bracket
  • Use PVC glue to attach the prints to a piece of 3-inch pvc and pass the cables down through the tube.
  • Use M6 x 12 (standard) screws & drop-in nuts to fasten the base to your robot chassis.
  • Use the standard camera bracket with M5 fastener to add your camera!

These HD monitors are very common as an accessory for photography, but they work great with Raspberry Pi or any embedded computer with HDMI! Ours is the Neewer brand (from amazon) and uses only about 5 watts of power at 12 volts. Connect it right up to the SCUTTLE Battery with a spare barrell plug and tie it into the power rail.

Quick Assembly GIF for Monitor Tower

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