Bill of Materials

Parts lists to help you find components to DIY a SCUTTLE or create new modifications

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Parts to build SCUTTLE version 2, version 3, and variations by region.

Community First

This project is an attempt to serve the world’s makers by selecting parts that are available, affordable, and documented globally for successful makership. SCUTTLE does not have a “master design” but we have measured the key parts (like extrusions) down to fractions of milimeters so that our 3D prints remain functional as widely as possible.

Off-the-shelf (OTS) Parts

The links below give you lists of materials so you can find off-the-shelf parts in multiple regions.  Version 3.0 is the latest “standard” parts list as of 2023 April. 

Version 2 BOM
Version 3.0 BOM

Lists of the printed parts you need to start printing. (We recommend v3.0 if you start now.)

STL files are located with the CAD models for version 3, and on the github for version 2. We chose to keep our files in familiar places for users.

STL Files

see models.

Preview v3.0 BOM

This version 3.0 BOM is from an arbitrary point in developent. Most parts are still relevant but see the files above to get the BOM you need.

chassis 2 din rail bracket
chassis 1 kickstand
chassis 1 allen key, M6
chassis 2 caster wheels
chassis 4 corner brackets
chassis 4 corner caps
chassis 16 nut, drop-in, M6
chassis 2 screw, pan head, M6x10
chassis 16 screw, pan head, M6x12
chassis 6 washer, flat, M6
chassis 6 washer, lock, M6
chassis 4 3030 extrustions
chassis 1 din rail
electronics 1 battery assembly
electronics 1 camera bracket
electronics 1 camera joint
electronics 1 i2c bracket
electronics 1 motor driver bracket
electronics 1 Pi bracket pair
electronics 1 twist bracket
electronics 2 nut, drop-in, M6
electronics 1 nut, M5
electronics 4 screw, coarse, M3x8
electronics 4 screw, pan head, M2.5×6
electronics 1 screw, pan head, M5x20
electronics 2 screw, self tapping, M2x5.5
electronics 3 battery cell
electronics 1 battery power cable
electronics 1 camera
electronics 4 din rail terminal
electronics 2 dupont header pins, 8×1
electronics 1 i2c board
electronics 1 micro SD card
electronics 1 motor driver board
electronics 1 motor driver power cable
electronics 1 Pi board
electronics 2 terminal jumpers
electronics 1 charger
electronics 1 gamepad
wheel assembly 2 enconder bracket
wheel assembly 2 motor pulley
wheel assembly 1 wheel bracket left
wheel assembly 1 wheel bracket right
wheel assembly 2 wheel pulley
wheel assembly 2 wheel spacer
wheel assembly 2 belt
wheel assembly 2 nut, hex, locking, M8
wheel assembly 4 nut, slide-in, M6
wheel assembly 6 screw, countersunk, M3x10
wheel assembly 2 screw, hex head, M8x100
wheel assembly 4 screw, pan head, M2.5×6
wheel assembly 4 screw, pan head, M6X12
wheel assembly 4 screw, self tapping, M2x5.5
wheel assembly 2 washer, flat, M8
wheel assembly 2 encoder board
wheel assembly 4 bearing
wheel assembly 2 motor
wheel assembly 2 urethane wheel
wiring 1 cable, 10cm ribbon, with female Dupont terminals (pi►i2c board)
wiring 1 cable, 10cm ribbon, with female Dupont terminals (pi►motor driver)
wiring 1 cable, 20cm ribbon, with female Dupont terminals (i2c board ►encoders), left
wiring 1 cable, 20cm ribbon, with female Dupont terminals (i2c board ►encoders), right
wiring 1 converter, DC-DC


A work-in-progress to deliver a small form-factor SCUTTLE variant with lower cost and equal maker-friendliness. Please reach out to if you’d like to contribute to this project!

Item Product Price Fraction Req’d Selected? Subtotal
Extrusion 10pcs 1m amazon 93.99 0.08 1 7.52
Wheels skate wheels 70mm, Amazon 21.99 0.25 1 5.50
Motor Driver 4pcs L298N Amazon 12.99 0.2 1 2.60
Encoders AS5600 10-bit Encoder, Amazon 17.99 0.4 1 7.20
Motors 10pcs gearmotor 113RPM Amazon 33.95 0.2 1 6.79
Connectors 75pcs lever wire connectors 11.98 0.1 1 1.20
Camera arducam 5mp 9.99 1 1 9.99
Battery LiPo 4pack Amazon 35.82 0.25 1 8.96
Fasteners M5 drop in nuts 8.99 0.1 1 0.90
DIN rail 10pcs 1m amazon 39.99 0.025 1 1.00
Corners 20sets M5 corner brkt 21.97 0.1 1 2.20
casters 50pcs blue caster amazon 54.99 0.04 1 2.20
belts timing belt GT2, 10pcs, amazon 7.99 0.2 1 1.60
pulley aluminum pulley GT2x16, amazon 7.99 0.4 1 3.20
3D Parts Filament, 1kg, amazon 19.99 0.2 1 4.00
CPU ESP8266, amazon 16.39 0.33 1 5.41

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