CAD revisions – Watch before downloading STL files!

SCUTTLE Robot Project: Major change of SCUTTLE assembly: • Design of the robot has changed significantly • Offered in grabCAD Minor change of SCUTTLE assembly: • Released after collecting several small improvements • Offered in grabCAD MAJOR CHANGE of 3d part: • For 3d printed parts we release STL files so you can download and print • For major change, the first number changes • The shape is not compatible with previous • You may want to upgrade if you want the performance improvement Minor change of 3d part: • Changes the number following the decimal • Release improvements to printability, clearances, or minor performance • Released the most often of all • Has compatibility with previous design • We delete the old part on gitHub but you can look in history OTS parts: • No special strategy for version numbers. • Example: downloaded a generic CAD model when we first got the part, then we draw • I don’t release these updates frequently • I collect them until we do a minor SCUTTLE model change • Available upon request ( Subassembly, major • When a major subassembly is added, it may get a whole new version number • If it’s not “standard” then I will upload to grabCAD separately from the robot as an assembly • If it is considered “standard” then it will be added into the next scuttle minor change • The BOM and any relevant software changes will come along with it.