GHI Beaglebone Blue Wireless | Maker Minute

The BeagleBone Blue is designed for quickly building affordable, mobile robots using the BeagleBone platform. To enable this, the BeagleBone Blue has 4 DC motor drivers, 4 quadrature encoder inputs, 8 servo motor outputs and a 9-axis IMU and barometer. The board is based on the Octavo OSD3358 system-in-package, which includes a 1 GHz TI ARM® Cortex-A8 processor and an SGX530 graphics accelerator. It also has a TI WiLink 1835, providing 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 with BLE. The board is pre-configured with a Wi-Fi access point, allowing you to connect and immediately start development in your browser, and is compatible with Debian, Ardupilot, ROS, and the Cloud9 IDE on Node.js.