SCUTTLE Robot – IoT in ALL FORMS! ESP / PC / Mobile Phone / RasPi / demo with BUZZER

SCUTTLE Project: EVERYTHING is talking together on IoT: [ Arduino ] – [ Raspberry Pi ] – [ Computer ] – [ Cell Phone ] – [ Beaglebone ] Software: [ C++ ] [ Python 3 ] [ Nodered ] [ Debian Linux ] This video throws all the pieces together for the first time. We show how to program an Arduino Microcontroller to receive MQTT messages from SCUTTLE – M2M style. Connect a buzzer to the Arduino and the Arduino stands alone on battery power to demonstrate RX of data based on the robot’s motion. The Robot creates a message in Python and sends it out using NodeRED. Lastly, we show again that we can send the same data from a Cell phone instead of from the robot.