What’s a Contribution?

That is a big question. We can start explaining with this diagram. The important aspects of a contribution is that it’s open source, published, and compatible with some other parts of the project. Contributions can be a single python code that adds a new function to a servo on the robot, a 3D model of a printable bracket, or a video tutorial of how to make your SCUTTLE do something. Since SCUTTLE is compiled from parts that already have open documents (like Linux, Raspberry Pi, and 3D components like extrusions) then every Raspberry Pi project counts as a contribution as long as we help the audience tie it into other project elements.

Basically, we want users to be able to find a way to leverage your creation in their own projects. If you build a bracket, build it on top of the super-common 3030 extrusions we use. If you build a python program, build it on top of our software repository or Viam’s getting-started software package. If you build an actuator mechanism, show how to power it from the super-common lithium-ion battery pack we use. This won’t just help our project – it also helps make your invention adoptable by thousands of others who use the same DIY components.


Key Contributors

Crediting some of the creators that made the building blocks for the SCUTTLE community.

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