SCUTTLE™ v2.4 – Assembled


Version 2.4 is discontinued in favor of version 3.0!

The Assembled SCUTTLE Robot includes a fully assembled and functional Scuttle Robot including a Raspberry Pi as the processing unit ready for Computer Vision based Autonomous Drive capability.

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The Assembled SCUTTLE Robot matches the Kit, plus pre-assembly.

Note: The default color will vary based on current inventory. If you require a specific color please contact us directly.

Updates from v2.3:

  • Brackets improved in strength & aesthetics
  • 12v 3A charger with anderson connectors, to become standardized
  • Slide-in fasteners to replace drop-in fasenters for easier extrusion builds.
  • and more…


  • Fully Assembled SCUTTLE Robot
    • Chassis Components
      • Frame
      • Wheels (2) & Casters (2)
      • Brackets for CPU, Battery, Motor Driver
      • Rails (12.7 x 265 mm tubes) & rail brackets for mounting electronics
      • Chassis Stand
    • Drive Train
      • Electric Motors
      • Pulleys (for motor & wheel)
      • Drive Belts, 5M timing belts
    • Electronics
      • Raspberry Pi 4
      • Micro SD Card, 32GB (Samsung Evo Plus or other leading spec)
      • Battery Pack (3000+ mAh, 11.7v nominal, 3 Cell Lithium Ion, 15A Anderson Connectors)
      • USB Camera (150 Degree FOV, 720p Resolution, industrial case)
      • Wiring & Connectors
      • i2c distribution bus PCB
    • Accessories
      • Gamepad, EasySMX, Bluetooth with USB dongle
      • Battery Charger OR 12v Power supply for charging

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Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 36 × 46.5 × 11.5 cm