Beginners Guide

A course-style tutorial for operating your robot, even with no python or linux experience. Broken into modules.

About the Beginners Guide:

The beginners guide covers everything fundamental about using a SCUTTLE robot. It includes classroom-style instructions with step-by-step modules that demonstrate how each component works. This guide is lengthy because it is built for all audiences (it’s great for high schoolers) with or without robotics experience.

There are two sections: Section 1, “Startup” covers introduction to how to operate the system, even a few basic linux commands and how to install free software on your computer to work with Raspberry Pi. Section 2, “Examples” includes one module for each key robot component including Camera, Encoders, Gamepad, and how to interact with that component on your SCUTTLE.

You don’t need a SCUTTLE Robot to benefit from this guide! For example, using a Raspberry Pi and a USB camera is enough to learn how to take video and track a colored object. You will learn a few software commands that function in Linux and Python, but you don’t need to know anything about Linux or Python before you start!

In late 2022, we partnered with the VIAM Robotics team to create similar instructions that are even more simplified. By 2023 (as this is written), SCUTTLE learners can operate the robot without any hard-coding. We are working to organize these ready tutorials into a similar classroom-style booklet.

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