Collaborating with Intel in ROBOFUN

16th Jan 2023 – SCUTTLE Robotics Asia PLT is collaborating with Intel Corporation to provide an industry-driven autonomous mobile robotics #AMR education to 5 public and private universities in Malaysia through the Robotics for University or ROBOFUN in short which was launched on 16th January 2023 at Intel PG16 site in Penang. The program is supported by related government agencies namely Malaysia Investment and Development Authority (MIDA) and Malaysia Productivity Council (MPC), both under the Ministry of International Trade and Investment (MITI).


First integration of Intel computer and SCUTTLE mobile robots started in May 2022 when we were invited to present at an exhibition organised by Malaysia Technology Development Corporation, an agency under Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) to promote technology startups to Electrical and Electronic ecosystem in Penang. Further work continued to customise the base SCUTTLE v2.3 to enable Axiomtek’s CAPA55R embedded solution powered by Intel 11th Generation i7 microprocessor.

SCUTTLE Robotics Asia PLT team assemble INTEL – SCUTTLE AMR Kit

Overview of SCUTTLE-INTEL AMR Kit developed for ROBOFUN

The SCUTTLE-INTEL AMR Kit was developed specifically for ROBOFUN and showcased at the launching event. Each university is presented with the SCUTTLE-INTEL AMR Kit to kick off the program. A series of training will be conducted for the university lecturers covering (i) Introduction to AMR, SCUTTLE mobile robot and Robotic Operating System (ROS), (ii) Hardware and Software setup and installation, (iii) Sensors and mapping of AMR, (iv) Localisation and navigation, (v) Object Detection and Obstacle Avoidance and (vi) Visualisation using dashboard. These trainings will take place in Feb to June 2023 and from July onwards it is expected each university to conduct its own training of students and collaborate with relevant small and medium enterprises (SME) addressing their specific problem. SCUTTLE Robotics Asia will be co-facilitating the universities in their respective programs.

ROBOFUN program will be bridging the gap between academia and industry ensuring the talents graduated from universities have the relevant knowledge and skills required by the industry. The program is expected to help solving specific industry problems with the support of Intel and SCUTTLE Robotics to facilitate the development of talents and solutions to encourage adoption of automation, robotics and AI by local small and medium enterprises (SME).

News on the launch have been published by MIDA, MPC, Intel. You can read MIDA released news on ROBOFUN here – Linkedin Post: ROBOFUN Kickoff

Read more about the latest news and update on SCUTTLE Robotics Asia PLT activities at Linkedin: SCUTTLE Robotics Asia PLT

Interested to know more about the program, please contact Norazmi Alias

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