Wireless Charging

wireless charging module

Open Projects are large efforts that focus on one key function. We are posting open projects starting in 2023 to give assets to new designers who are on the same mission. There are hundreds of projects but we are selecting…

Academic Conferences Encouraged

Hi everyone, Recently we caught wind of an academic conference by SME, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Many SCUTTLE-based projects make great material for conference posters & journal articles. Moving forward, we will try to highlight opportunities for researchers to…

Caster Mod 76mm

76mm caster assembly
Convert your front casters and gain about 26mm of ground clearance with this design, using standard office chair casters.

Roller 64mm

64mm roller wheel and bracket, mounted

A bracket to mount sturdy 64mm diameter rollers on your extrusion (30x30mm). One fastener is M6x12, typical of the scuttle chassis, with your choice of drop-in nut or slide-in nut. The other fastener is M8 x 12mm with a tapped…