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Configure SCUTTLE for Balancing Upright
Halid from Limenitis Reducta youtube channel shows us how to ...
Construir um Robô simplismente com peças impressas em 3D e equipamento do Mercado Livre!
All Fasteners for SCUTTLE Robot v3.0 in Portuguese
Viam and SCUTTLE change Robotics Forever
A video produced by Viam on our b2b collaboration to make robotics ...
SCUTTLE Promo 2023
Just a little flavor of SCUTTLE activity, mostly filmed in 2020 through 2022, and published in 2023.

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Chasing Basketball in Zachry with Computer Vision!
SCUTTLE Robot - Intro to Software Architecture
explanation of level 1 files, level 2 files, how data flows and how ...
Firefighting Project Demo by UTP Team
prototype with fire extinguish, facial recognition, fire sensing, temperature sensing, tilt-sensor for anti vandalism, and voice recognition.  UTM team submission in ROBOFUN 2023.
KOBE BOT, SCUTTLE Trick Shots: MXET 300 Team 'Kobe bot' (2020)
Autonomous Tactical Utility Reconnaissance Target Leveler using Computer Vision: MXET 300 Team 'TURTL' (2020)
This video shows the entire process of designing and implementing the ...
Navigating SCUTTLE's Github
You can find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jorgeroa/ ...
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