Manufacturing Partners Wanted

Seeking high-quality manufacturers to help meet growing demand for production.
We’re Looking for:

We are currently seeking high-quality manufacturers to help meet growing demand for producing SCUTTLE Robots! There are thousands of print farm companies we can source from, but making kits and assemblies takes true partnership and experience.

This is not a search for tier-2 suppliers, or distributors. We need partnership(s) similar to LDO systems relationship to Voron 3D printing team to prepare kits. In the case of Voron, the LDO-manufactured units are then distributed online by sites like or

What it takes:

Production of SCUTTLE™ Robot Kits and assembled robots is similar in scope to the production of a consumer-grade 3D Printer.

Any manufacturing team capable of producing models such as the Voron or Prusa 3D printers (and printer kits) would be well equipped to meet our customers needs.  We are looking for a successful track record of assembly, safe packaging, and documented quality control processes from such a manufacturer.

At this time, we are not seeking 3D Printing services.

Reach out:

To discuss the opportunity to become part of our supply chain, please reach out to by email.  Please include:

  • Key Contact name
  • Address of manufacturing center
  • Your capability:
    • Link to existing products
    • Indicate which processes are performed in-house
  • NDA optional
    • If your situation requres an NDA to disclose information, just let us know and we can meet under NDA.

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