SCUTTLE at CES Las Vegas!

Texas Instruments brings SCUTTLE demo to CES 2023

Starting in 2022, Texas Instruments teamed up with D3 Engineering to produce a SCUTTLE-based autonomous demo with the SCUTTLE Platform. This design features radar sensors and multiple cameras fused for computation on the TI TDA4VM (AI-capable) computer. In the first week of January 2023, SCUTTLE came to the stage at the TI booth at the “Most Influential Tech Event in the World” in Las Vegas, Nevada!

In my opinion, the most exciting element in this setup is the new TI radar modules. In many aspects they can outperform LIDAR, the most common of all mobile robot sensors. That means lower cost and up to 10x power reduction in the navigation sensors. For perspective, a typical Lidar uses 2x more power than the actual CPU of a standard SCUTTLE. Implementing ultra-low power radar could give an autonomous robot twice the run time! Our whole team is honored to contribute to the cutting edge in Robotics!

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