Realsense Camera Bracket

Realsense Camera Bracket

[CLICK HERE] 3D Printed + Off-the-shelf assembly to mount the Intel Realsense Camera on a SCUTTLE Robot. Includes a double ball mount found in photography attachments.

Servo Arm

[CLICK HERE] This servo arm has 2 degrees of freedom, is made from standard hobby servos, PVC tube, and 3D prints. It has been tested with SCUTTLE and works with manipulating light loads. The joints are double-supported, utilizing the same…



[CLICK HERE] A tower assembly for elevating the SCUTTLE deck height. It’s maker-friendly with 3D prints, M6 fasteners, 3030 extrusions, a PVC pipe and some PVC glue. Users can cut the PVC to any length to achieve their desired height.…

Stepper-Driven Conveyor

A prototype version of a conveyor to mount on SCUTTLE. This requires some OTS parts and some 3D printing, plus electronics. See details in the grabCAD post.

Industrial Bin

Our first choice for industrial bins (aka divider bin) with a standard size, compatible with a SCUTTLE chassis and deck.