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Realsense Camera Bracket

Realsense Camera Bracket

[CLICK HERE] 3D Printed + Off-the-shelf assembly to mount the Intel Realsense Camera on a SCUTTLE Robot. Includes a double ball mount found in photography attachments.

Header Pin Cover

header pin cover

[CLICK HERE] Protect your header pins from short circuits, maintain spacing when you unplug and plug your cables.


[CLICK HERE] The design used as a lift for working on the robot with wheels off the ground, and for storing SCUTTLE on its side.



[CLICK HERE] A tower assembly for elevating the SCUTTLE deck height. It’s maker-friendly with 3D prints, M6 fasteners, 3030 extrusions, a PVC pipe and some PVC glue. Users can cut the PVC to any length to achieve their desired height.…


A deck design that holds an industrial bin and attaches to the SCUTTLE Chassis. You can prototype this deck from acrylic, 3D prints, and 3 extrusions.